Stadtwerke Flensburg

Project Description

Assistance in the acquisition process regarding the former IT solution for the energy supply sector as well as the subsequent transition to the data centre of Stadtwerke Flensburg, quality assurance / project management office in the subsequent onboarding project

„A sustainable solution must not only be sensible but also feasible. It takes an entrepreneurial mind-set to produce such a solution. The members of the managing board as well as the consultants of BBHC are not theorists but practitioners. They speak our language. That is why we have been cooperating with BBHC very successfully for many years now in various projects.” Dr. Andreas OstmannHead of Commercial Management, Stadtwerke Flensburg Project Period


Consulting Services
  • Assistance in the initiation of the sales transaction
  • Assessment process regarding the IT solution
  • Contract negotiations and drafting – from the memorandum of understanding to the licensing agreement
  • Implementation of the transition project including smoke testing
  • Quality assurance throughout the implementation projects “prompt>N” and “prompt>L” as well as project management office

Stadtwerke Zeitz

Project Description

Design of efficient processes in the business units grid, sales and shared service regarding the implementation of the Market Communication (MaKo) 2020

„Automating processes based on standardisation is becoming increasingly important also for medium-sized municipal utility companies. BBHC has been a major help and steered us through a complex as well as emotional process.” Lars ZiemannManaging Director, Stadtwerke Zeitz Project Period


Consulting Services
  • Review and adjustment of the BBHC process library for MaKo 2020
  • Definition of the critical processes for SWZ
  • Joint development of to-be processes for SWZ in respect of the best possible process organisation within and across its business units
  • Optimisation analyses
  • Development of quick wins
  • Change management: development of work packages / sprints in the framework of a timely implementation of the to-be processes including reorganisation measures
  • Definition of new functionalities and their allocation to the individual IT systems
  • Analysis of the data flows, process integration and interfaces in line with a pre-defined set of criteria
  • Examination of processes in terms of potential weaknesses
  • Definition of process responsibilities
  • Definition of benchmarks regarding the quality of master data
  • Development of recommendations for actions
  • Definition of best practices for the to-be processes
  • Assessment in terms of market conformity, controllability and efficiency regarding the implementation, day-to-day operation and regulatory regime
  • Examination of future staffing requirements regarding the to-be processes and presentation of the findings in a workshop for the management team

Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck GmbH

Project Description

Support in the implementation of process excellence in the standard processes of billing and market communication

“Billing and market communication are the engine room of our municipal utility company. Breakdowns in these processes soon impact other areas of our business. Thanks to BBHC, our operations run like a well-oiled machine.” André SackHead of Finance and Accounting, Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck GmbH Project Period

February to December 2019

Consulting Services
  • As-is analysis of the billing, customer switching and balancing processes pursuant to WiM (change processes in metering), GPKE (business processes for supplying customers with electricity) and MaBiS (market rules for balancing group settlement for electricity) for the market roles of grid operator, basic metering point operator and supplier
  • Achievement of quick wins
  • Design of the to-be processes
  • Documentation based on RACSI matrices and BPMN
  • Introduction of agile processes in the framework of IT requirements management

Stadtwerke Trier Versorgungs-GmbH

Project Description

Establishment and operation of an information security management system (ISMS) in line with ISO/IEC 27001 and the catalogue of IT security requirements

“Since 2017, we have relied on the IT security expertise of BBHC and benefitted greatly from it in the establishment of an ISMS and its successful certification in the subsequent year. That is why BBHC has been our strategic partner in IT security matters ever since – “securing” our future today.” Jörg HähnerHead of Grid Strategy / Regulatory Compliance Management, Stadtwerke Trier Versorgungs-GmbH Project Period

Since October 2017

Consulting Services
  • Definition of the specific scope of application of the ISMS in line with the catalogue of IT security requirements for grid operators and preparation of a roadmap for gradual expansion of the ISMS scope
  • Advice on the establishment of an IT security organisation including organisational consulting regarding the IT security officer
  • Establishment of process flows across the corporate group to enhance information security
  • Establishment of the company’s business continuity management (BCM) taking into account existing emergency plans in the context of disaster control as well as guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and of other national authorities
  • Design of an electronic reporting system for security incidents
  • Support in the creation of all documentation relevant for the ISMS
  • Support in the establishment of an information security management tool
  • Preparation of certification measures
  • Ongoing security consulting and audit support

Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke GmbH

Project Description

Analysis of the organisational and operational structures taking into account, in particular, the Market Communication 2020 (MaKo 2020) and the Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG)

“BBHC supported us in implementing the requirements of MaKo 2020 and the Metering Point Operation Act, showing us how to make our organisational and operational structures more efficient as a whole. We are very satisfied!” Silvana ArndtCorporate Organisation, Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke GmbH Project Period

June to December 2019

Consulting Services
  • Analysis of the organisational structure and development of recommendations for actions
  • Modification of the structure of responsibilities and obligations to cooperate in the areas of sales, billing and market communication
  • Adaptation of the organisational structure for the market role of metering point operator in line with the new tasks introduced by the MsbG
  • Creation of a concept for handling the exceptional circumstances at the turn of the year (2019/2020) due to the introduction of MaKo 2020
  • Analysis of the procedures for creating the annual consumption and grid usage invoices (as-is situation)
  • Analysis and assessment of different options for action depending on the state of progress in implementing MaKo 2020
  • Development of approaches for optimising the processes in the area of billing and market communication: analysis of the reasons for invoice cancellations, discrepancies in the master data held by the grid and sales business units, and of the difficulties in the processing of registrations and deregistrations

Stadtwerke Heidelberg Energie / Netze

Project Description

Planning of and assistance in the entire system change including the migration of three SAP clients operating in all energy and infrastructure business segments to the SAP Utilities Template of an inter-municipal cooperation and, moreover, the necessary adaptations of the supplier system infrastructure to customer-specific requirements. Our assistance and support covered the preliminary project on the system change, the implementation of the new SAP template and the subsequent operating phase including all releases installed so far.

“We collaborated with BBHC in the migration of our legacy system infrastructure to a future-proof SAP Utilities Template. In this endeavour as well as during the coinciding implementation of the Market Communication (MaKo) 2020, which posed enormous technical and organisational challenges, BBHC proved itself to be a reliable and indispensable partner.” Maike CarstensHead of Central Project Management, Stadtwerke Heidelberg Netze Project Period

Since 2017

Consulting Services
  • Technology, process and organisational consulting in regard to energy matters
  • Multi-project and program management, drafting of contracts
  • Project and release planning, project management
  • Management and coordination of ITIL-based development by way of SAP ChaRM including the coordination of service providers
  • Software requirements specification and implementation
  • Support in the establishment and management of the newly set-up team for executing and monitoring the billing
  • Planning of and assistance in the development of the test management (regarding the system and organisation) and execution of the test phases for the implementation project and the releases installed since using SAP Solution Manager
  • Comprehensive assistance concerning the system and process areas of market communication and billing in the context of generation and consumption scenarios in the electricity, gas, district heating, local heating, cooling, water and wastewater business segments
  • Specialist coaching and know-how transfer
  • Planning, development and coordination of the cooperation’s MaKo 2020 project, including the design of the delivery note process and the development as well as implementation of the processes and functions not covered by SAP by way of three platform releases
  • Assistance in the day-to-day business since the go live through the establishment and subsequent support in the areas of incident and change management
  • Migration of the SAP modules IM4G and MOS Billing (price cap calculation and GPKE process integration) [grids]
  • Reversal tool NN / MeMi (grid usage/excess and shortfall quantities billing) [grids]

Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg

Project Description

Review and validation of the IT strategy and evaluation of potential alternatives in the market

“Thanks to the professional support of BBHC, we succeeded in significantly reducing our IT costs by selecting a new ERP system. The assistance of BBHC has paid off for us also in economic terms.” Kirk ReinekeManaging Director, Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg Project Period

Since 2018

Consulting Services
  • Establishment of the as-is situation (IT systems, organisation, processes)
  • Outline of a to-be scenario (comparison and further development of the as-is situation with regard to the technological progress) taking into account the necessary level of outsourcing to achieve significant advantages
  • Identification of the need for action and of the potential for automation and optimisation
  • Detailed proposal of possible service scenarios and considerations regarding their profitability
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the relevant scenario
  • Renegotiation of the contractual arrangement with the current IT service provider
  • Comparison of the personnel planning with “best practice” experiences of BBHC
  • Invitation for submission of indicative bids using BBHC’s standard functional requirements catalogue
  • Communication with the bidders in regard to technical matters and assistance during contract negotiations
  • Project management and quality assurance for the implementation project